TAIWANfest Vancouver – Re-Think Asia – BC


TAIWANfest is coming back this year for Labour day weekend in September. These past few years TAIWANfest has focused on a collaboration dialogue with another nation located in Asia. Past dialogues have included: Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and The Philippines. These “Dialogues with Asia” are set to continue again this year, with TAIWANfest having a collaborative dialogue with South Korea. This year’s dialogue is going to be an especially memorable one that explores how both Taiwan and South Korea are built on a democratic foundation. With globalization that has catapulted both nations in the past century, a strong connection in regards to a similar view on democracy and basic human rights can be seen from both these nations. Family centered events is what TAIWANfest hopes to introduce to festival goers. Not only allowing Taiwanese and Korean families to be able to further connect with their roots through our festival but to also allow families from different backgrounds to come and explore the different programs we have to offer. In hopes that people who have not had prior knowledge of Taiwan or South Korea can also learn something with their family while attending our festival. This year’s TAIWANfest in Vancouver is set to be a hybrid of virtual and physical programming. Come on down during labour weekend or simply go on the vancouverTAIWANfest.ca webpage to check out more about the family oriented festival that TAIWANfest has put together this year alongside a dialogue and perspective from South Korea. Visit https://vancouvertaiwanfest.ca/ for more details.

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