‘Salman Khan giving relationship advice is like me giving advice on how to be a star’: Arbaaz Khan | Bollywood


Arbaaz Khan had a self-deprecating answer to a question during an interview, where he played Most Likely To. Arbaaz was asked who in his family is the most likely to ‘give the worst relationship advice’.

Arbaaz Khan, without batting an eyelid, named Salman Khan, and had a humorous reason behind his answer. Salman and Abraaz have three other siblings — Arpita, Alvira, and Sohail Khan.

With a laugh, Arbaaz said in a Bollywood Bubble interview, “I think Salman. Don’t ask me why, I think this does not need an explanation. It’s like me giving advice on how to be a star, let’s just put it like that… ‘Salman, this is what you need to do to be a star.’ So is he going to laugh at me or what?”

Arbaaz is all set to return with the second season of his talk show Pinch, which will feature Salman as a guest. Arbaaz said in an interview that he waited for the first season to succeed on its own terms before asking Salman to make an appearance.”

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In a statement, Arbaaz said that the second season of Pinch is ‘bigger and bolder’, “The love people have shown for season 1 was overwhelming. While the essence of the show remains the same, Season 2 shall witness different superstars with different points of view. It’s been such a wholesome experience in totality, delving into such interesting aspects of an actor’s personal and professional life.” The show will premiere on July 21, and will also feature guests such as Ayushmann Khurrana, Farah Khan, Ananya Panday, Kiara Advani, and others.

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