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After numerous delays because of the global pandemic, Marvel’s Black Widow takes centre stage in a new movie that debuts Friday and delves into the past of the Avengers character played by Scarlett Johansson.

The actress reprises the role for the ninth time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even though Black Widow died in 2019 blockbuster Avengers: Endgame.

The new Black Widow film will be available in theatres in US and for a fee through Walt Disney Co’s Disney streaming service. It previously had been scheduled to debut exclusively in cinemas in May 2020.

The film is a prequel set after the events of the 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. It catches up with former assassin Natasha Romanoff as she is on the run from government agents.

Scarlett said it is likely this will be the last time she portrays the character.

“I think it’s always great to leave on a high note,” the actress said in an interview. “You’ve got to set it free. It’s part of the journey when you know it’s come to an end.”

The movie begins when Natasha is handed a box of mail left at a previous apartment. Because of the contents, she unwittingly becomes the target of the mysterious Taskmaster as well as an army of women known as Widows.

Stranger Things actor David Harbour plays Natasha’s father and Rachel Weisz co-stars as her mother. Florence Pugh portrays her sister, Yelena, who often pokes fun at the Black Widow and her fellow Avengers.

“I hope I made people laugh,” Florence said. “The bluntness of me being just outrageously harsh to Natasha may have been funny, but I definitely smirked when the whole family got involved. They all shared the same sense of humor and timing. That was just perfect.”

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David plays an atypical superhero who is out of shape and struggles to fit in his superhero outfit.

“When (director) Cate (Shortland) pitched the character to me, it was him at the end of his life with all this regret and remorse and just this past his prime thing,” David said. “I was like that’s fun and I’ll be able to sit around and eat doughnuts all day. It’ll be fantastic.”

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