Rakhi Sawant says after Mika Singh controversy, her mother told her ‘I wish you died the moment you were born’ | Bollywood


Rakhi Sawant has said that she is estranged from her family, because of her decision to join the film industry. Rakhi also said that after she was embroiled in multiple controversies, her mother wished death upon her.

In an interview, Rakhi Sawant said that her immediate family, including her uncle, believes that she is a corrupting influence, and refuses to speak to her and her mother. She wasn’t even invited to her own father’s funeral.

She told Bollywood Bubble in Hindi, “In our family, it was like Balika Vadhu. Running away from home and joining the film industry was my only option. Today, my father will be proud of me… Thank God I took this decision, because I have become what I am today. My family doesn’t accept me, till today. They don’t talk to my mom. My uncle, my entire family. They think that because I ran away, their daughters will also run away.”

Rakhi said that even her mother, whom she is very close to now, at one point grew frustrated with her lifestyle. “People always tell me I’m an attention seeker. Guys, I am not an attention seeker. The media loves me… There was a time when my mother told me, ‘What is this, your controversies? I wish you died the moment you were born.’ This happened after my family turned on my mother, after my incident with Mika Singh. My father used to beat my mom. I told her, ‘Nobody is going to give me a crown the moment I enter Bollywood, let me struggle, give me freedom. I am not Amitabh Bachchan or Anil Kapoor’s daughter. I haven’t even gone to high school’.”

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Rakhi is known for her dance numbers in films, and for appearing in several reality shows such as Bigg Boss, Nach Baliye, and Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. Last year, she returned to Bigg Boss and finished as a finalist. She left the show after she was offered a buyout of 14 lakh, which she accepted because she had to pay for her mother’s cancer treatment.

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