Video shows waterspout forming along lake shore in B.C.’s Cariboo region


A waterspout was captured on video Tuesday afternoon around 2:15 p.m. along the shores of Sulphurous Lake, near Lone Butte in B.C.’s Cariboo region.

Waterspouts are technically a tornado over water. However, there are two kinds of waterspouts or tornadoes over water. The stronger, tornadic waterspouts develop out of supercells or severe thunderstorms. They typically develop from the cloud base and extend down to the ground.

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While there were many thunderstorms in the Cariboo region Tuesday, according to Environment Canada, the radar imagery shows there wasn’t a thunderstorm or lightning when this video was taken.

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This waterspout would likely be classified as a fair weather waterspout. These are typically found beneath developing cumulus clouds or pre-thunderstorm clouds where rotation or wind shear can be created.

Fair weather waterspouts develop initially near the surface and grow upward like a landspout.

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Click to play video: 'B.C. fisherman captures video of fairweather waterspout'

B.C. fisherman captures video of fairweather waterspout

B.C. fisherman captures video of fairweather waterspout

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