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We can’t decide which one was our most special moment counting the gleaming stars thickly carpeting the velvety night sky, waking up to the birdsong and braids of sunshine pouring into our room, walking barefoot on the lush dewy grass, enjoying a slice of peace and solitude far from the maddening crowds, or tucking in fresh, local, seasonal fare bringing in the best of the plant kingdom. All this and more made is the way of life at Song of Life County Villa Resort in Mulshi district, Maharashtra.ย 

Seven luxury villas nestle here. The colonial-style architecture, reminiscent of the generous Scottish countryside, with brick-coloured sloping roofs, white picket fence and crimson flowers nodding in the breeze, fringed by the indigenous natural bounty, find their way through our heart.

Tucked deep into the foothills of the Western Ghats, close to the Mulshi lake, the collusion of white sandalwood, parijat, neem, cadamba… evergreen trees bring in theย plush and the lush.

The silence is broken by the chirping of our feathered friends, the occasional plop of the cadamba on the dewy grass, the faint tinkling of the bell on an odd buffalo grazing far away in the fieldsโ€ฆ this is a thickly wooded sanctuary that attracts native birds: droves of sparrows, the singing mynahs, squawking parrots and up to 84 species that can be spotted within 350 metres of the property.ย 

Solar panels hug the roofs of the three-, five-, and seven-bedroom villas with expansive rooms, dipped in a pleasing palette of greys, whites, and beiges, airy nooks, curious balconies and mini chandeliers. The flow of natural light and the bedroom doors that yawn out to welcome the green, bring the outside inside.

Beyond the endearing porch and the garden of the villa lies the outdoor reception area with its woody verandah-like expanse shielding bobbing blue of the swimming pool, and the restaurant Harmony.ย 

Trotting along the horticultural landscaping by Korean artistes, we arrive at the opulent villa laced with warm woody accents in Balinese furniture, antique curios and feast on the brilliant sunset. The manicured waterfront promenade next door ushers in ferns and the thicket. Perfect for contained family gathering celebrations.ย 

A soul tonic poured itself into the pores of our being. From the hours we spent lazing on the sturdy, swinging cup seats, to the jhoola on the terrace, to the quiet moments at the foot of the Buddha, or playing games with family in the spiffy games area, Song of Life County is a place where we learnt to savour the beautiful ticking rhythm of time.ย 

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