Don’t miss these local places in Jaipur


Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is a must-visit place if you are planning for Jaipur holidaying. This place manifests Rajasthani culture and heritage. Plan your full evening for this place. It will take your 3-4 hours to have a round of this Rajasthani built village. The entry fee is approximately β‚Ή800 but it is worth it.

Rajasthani Thali

Do eat Rajasthani thali. It is basically Rajasthani dishes served in banana leaves. You are just gonna love the flavors and spices and that Rajasthani tadka. I wasn’t able to eat whole because it was too beyond my capacity.

I love cultural places more and this one place has really been so well built to show you total Rajasthan. The camel ride, the small shops of typical Rajasthani attires and footwear, the gaming zone, the shows, everything is so good.

Amer Fort

Amer Fort

I am not a historical person at all. And I really don’t even enjoy visiting the forts because I feel you can just click photographs and know a little history from your guide. But frankly, I love to explore new things more of nature.

Amer Fort

But still, on my friend’s advice, I visited the most famous tourist attraction of Jaipur Amer fort. I have little to say about it rather than that yes, it is beautifully built and it is so huge. But if the weather is good you might find more interesting this place with your group.

But I love only the person playing an instrument sitting just at the entry of fort. His talent made me stand there for at least 20 minutes. I just loved his music and his smile while playing the instrument.

Tapri : The Tea House

Tapri Tea House

In India, a tea stall is called Tapri. So by the name I just thought it wouldn’t be such a good place. But as it is said, never judge. Because this place is really good you will find in Jaipur to hang out with your family or friends. You can eat and of course the chai (tea) you must try . My favorite dish was dal pakwan. It was so delicious that next time I am going to Jaipur just to eat that dish of Rajasthan. The place has some traditional features and you can sit outside also which is a little bit of cafe type. But I am sure you just gonna love it.

Tapri Tea House 2

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